Weekend School Registration & Tuition

Email wes.info@iccdny.org to be included in the upcoming ICCD Weekend School registration dates. On registration day we will be testing your child’s Quran level for proper placement. Please bring your child with you to registration day.

We established a good curriculum and offer the students helpful textbooks and workbooks, and we choose the best teachers for the job. Please bring 2 separate checks for tuition and books.

All checks should be payable to “ICCD Weekend School” with memo to either Tuition or Books.


1st Semester


2nd Semester


Total Annual Amount Due ($40 non-refundable)


For those seeking financial assistance with tuition must pay a minimum of $30 per student for each semester plus application fee with a copy of their tax 1040 document. Annual tuition will total $70 per child. Registration will not be completed without the copy of the 1040 document.


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