3E 3v3 Basketball League

The Muslim Community Center welcomes you to the “Three’s Enough” Basketball League, also known as the “3E”. A fun, affordable and ground breaking, 3 on 3 Basketball League that has launched and been initiated, right here in the Capital Region.
The 3E is the direct alternative to your common and local Adult Basketball League which provides the same effort and energy needed to participate, but with a smaller court, and fewer players participating. In turn, what derives from the 3E is fewer injuries, less wear and tear on your body, a safer environment (including, a less than likely chance to catch Covid-19) all while getting the same sweat, same competition and the same satisfaction as your local Adult Basketball League.
What really makes the 3E exciting and gives the League a leg up on the rest of the basketball leagues that are open to the community, besides being more affordable, is the 2 styles of play: Half Court and Full Court (which includes our 4 point shot!!). Players who have participated in the 3E, love the fact that the players are in control of the league for the majority of the time, which results in Guaranteed Player Satisfaction!
3E…….If you are a fan of the game of basketball, this is something you must experience for yourself. Come watch or come participate and see what everyone will be talking about all throughout the Capital Region.
5 on 5 is good. but THREE IS ENOUGH!!!
1 Top Flight 8 Knicks
2 Splikak 9 B.M.F
3 Tryhards 10 Team Takeover
4 Dogs Only 11 Next One’s Up
5 Jumanji 12 MBlokk
6 Grillo Glue 13 Get Tropical
7 Underground Railroad 14 Free Agents
1 Next One’s Up
7 – 1
8 Knicks
3 – 5
2 Dogs Only
6 – 2
9 Splikak
3 – 5
3 Try Hards
6 – 2
10 Team Takeover
2 – 6
4 Jumanji
5 – 3
11 Free Agents
2 – 6
5 Underground Railroad
5 – 3
12 MBlokk
2 – 6
6 B.M.F.
5 – 3
13 Grillo Glue
1 – 7
7 Top Flight
5 – 3
14 Get Tropical
1 – 7

Basketball Game Schedules

Week 1 (October 2nd)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm MBlokk vs Get Tropical
L(F) – L(F)
Splikak vs Top Flight
L(66) – W(71)
6.00 pm Team Takeover vs Grillo Glue
W(70) – L(48)
Next One’s Up vs Knicks
L(59) – W(71)
7.00 pm Underground Railroad vs Tryhards
L(46) – W(70)
W(70) – L(31)
8.00 pm Jumanji vs Dogs Only
L(68) – W(71)

Week 2 (October 9th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Grillo Glue vs Top Flight
L(38) – W(71)
Knicks vs Underground Railroad
W(70) – L(39)
6.00 pm Free Agents vs Team Takeover
W(71) – L(55)
MBlokk vs Next One’s Up
L(41) – W(72)
7.00 pm Tryhards vs Splikak
L(F) – W(F)
Jumanji vs Get Tropical
W(70) – L(61)
8.00 pm Dogs Only vs B.M.F
L(54) – W(71)

Week 3 (October 16th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Top Flight vs Tryhards
L(F) – W(F)
Splikak vs Knicks
L(63) – W(70)
6.00 pm Get Tropical vs B.M.F
L(64) – W(70)
Next One’s Up vs Jumanji
W(70) – L(55)
7.00 pm Underground Railroad vs MBlokk
W(72) – L(46)
Grillo Glue vs Free Agents
L(66) – W(70)
8.00 pm Team Takeover vs Dogs Only
L(63) – W(70)

Week 4 (October 23rd)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Dogs Only vs Grillo Glue
W(70) – L(51)
L(F) – L(F)
L(67) – W(71)
L(F) – L(F)
L(69) – W(70)
W(70) – L(48)
W(70) – L(69)

Week 5 (October 30th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Free Agents vs Dogs

L(56) – W(70)
Tryhards vs MBlokk
W(70) – L(67)
6.00 pm Get Tropical vs Grillo Glue
L(F) – W(F)
Next One’s Up vs Team

W(72) – L(47)
7.00 pm Splikak vs Jumanji
W(70) – L(68)
Top Flight vs Knicks
W(71) – L(54)
8.00 pm Underground Railroad vs B.M.F
W(71) – L(50)

Week 6 (November 6th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Free Agents vs Get Tropical
L(58) – W(70)
B.M.F vs Splikak
W(70) – L(67)
6.00 pm Jumanji vs Tryhards
W(71) – L(69)
Team Takeover vs Underground Railroad
L(49) – W(70)
7.00 pm Dogs Only vs Top Flight
W(F) – L(F)
Grillo Glue vs Next One’s Up
L(65) – W(71)
8.00 pm Knicks vs MBlokk
L(F) – W(F)

Week 7 (November 13th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Knicks vs Jumanji
L(F) : W(F)
Get Tropical vs Dogs Only
L(F) : W(F)
6.00 pm Next One’s Up vs Free Agents
W(71) : L(49)
Underground Railroad vs Grillo Glue
W(71) : L(41)
7.00 pm Splikak vs Team

L(63) : W(70)
Tryhards vs B.M.F
W(70) : L(63)
8.00 pm Top Flight vs MBlokk
L(F) : W(F)

Week 8 (November 20th)

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Get Tropical vs Top Flight
L(F) : W(F)
Grillo Glue vs Splikak
L(F) : W(F)
6.00 pm MBlokk vs Jumanji
L(F) : W(F)
Dogs Only vs Next One’s Up
L(49) : W(70)
7.00 pm Free Agents vs Underground Railroad
L(F) : W(F)
Tryhards vs Knicks
W(F) : L(F)
8.00 pm B.M.F vs Team Takeover
W(F) : L(F)

Week 9 (December 4th) Playoffs

Time Court A Court B
5.00 pm Game 1 Grillo Glue v Get Tropical
L(F) – W(F)
Game 2 Free Agents v MBlokk
W(72) – L(36)
6.00 pm Game 3 Jumanji v Team Takeover
W(70) – L(51)
Game 4 Tryhands v Knicks
W(71) – L(65)
7.00 pm Game 5 B.M.F v Splikak
L(69) – W(70)
Game 6 Underground Railroad v Top Flight
L(58) – W(71)
8.00 pm Game 7 Next One’s Up v Get Tropical
W(70) – L(56)
Game 8 Dogs Only v Free Agents
W(71) – L(46)

Week 10 (December 12th) Playoffs

Time Court A
7.00 pm Game 10 Tryhards v Top Flight
W(71) – L(53)
8.00 pm Game 12 Dogs Only v Tryhards
W(71) – L(58)

Week 11 (December 18th) Playoffs

Time Court A
7.00 pm Game 9 Jumanji v Splikak
W (71) – L(51)
8.00 pm Game 11 Next One’s Up v Jumanji
W(70) – L(53)

Week 12 (December 26) CHAMPIONSHIP

Time Court A
6:30 pm CHAMPIONSHIP Next One’s Up v Dogs Only

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