Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall Features:

  • Over 6,300 square feet with a seating capacity of more than 400
  • Stage area with a backstage
  • Vast reception area stretching the full length of the hall
  • 12-foot high ceilings
  • Banquet tables and chairs are available
  • Dimmable lights in the stage area put the focus in the ceremony where it belongs.
Please see our Banquet Rental Application for pricing and further details. If you are interested in renting our banquet hall, please fully complete our Banquet Hall Rental Application and contact our Banquet Hall Director, Tyara Burnett to schedule a meeting to review the application and address any questions, comments, or concerns.

Please Note: All Banquet Rental Applications will need to be reviewed and signed in person with our Banquet Hall Director.

1. Please be advised that MCC reserves the right to deduct 50% of your security deposit for cancellations 14 days or less prior to your reserved date. Cancellations must be predetermined with more than fourteen days prior to your reservation.
2. For any changes to the reservation date within fourteen days of your reservation will be subject to a $200 change of date fee.
3. Payment options are:

  • Credit Card (Processing Fees will be applied)
  • Checks ($35 fee will be charged for return checks)
  • Cash

Download the Banquet Rental Application Form here.


Contact Information

Tyara Burnett

Banquet Hall Director

518-370-2664 Ext 0

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