Muslim Youth of the Capital District (MYCD)


  • A club for the youth of the Capital District held at the ICCD Mosque Basement.
  • Forty or more youth ages 14 and up meet every Saturday at 3 to 5:00 for an interactive class with Imam Yaki.

Our Activities Include:

  • Cleaning our Muslim Cemetery 3-4 times a year
  • Joining our local MSKP – Schenectady Branch once a month
  • Have a spring hiking trip once a year
  • We host an Eid ul Fitr Carnival for our community
  • We have 2 fun field trips per year
  • We have other interfaith youth group visiting us once in a while
  • We have an annual basketball 2 on 2 tourney
  • We hosted an awesome MCCYC anniversary event in December and invite 300+ community members for an evening poetry, skit and fun

MYCD Officers:

President: E’sa Hassan




Meet and Greet : Meet Every Saturday 3pm

Connect with Our Youth



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