Imam’s Corner

Imam Abdul-Rahman Yaki

Credentials: Masters in Islamic Law

Been with ICCD since 2010.


Duties of Our Imam

  1. Jummah Supervision, which starts
  2. Tafseer, Quran Explanation & Fiqh Class, reading from Bulughul Maram by Ibn Hajar Asqalani
    11am – 1pm EVERY SUNDAY
  3. Youth Program with MYCD (Muslim Youth of the Capital District) – Ages 14 – 24
    2:30 – 5 pm EVERY SATURDAY
    For more information about events with the youth at MYCD, Email:
  4. Counseling
    After Magrib til Isha (Appointment Only)
  5. Marriage Ceremony: Conditions to Perform Religious Marriage
    • Pre-Marital Counseling
    • All NYS Marriage Licenses must be approved before Religious Marriage can be performed
  6. General Intellectual & Spiritual Meetings:
    After Magrib EVERY FRIDAY
  7. Interfaith: Based on the needs of the larger community
  8. Universities: MSAs & other college groups (Appointment Only)
  9. Visitation (Appointment Only)