Board of Trustee Election Dates

BOT Election Dates

  1. Last day of nomination for the candidates: 7 pm. on September 30th 2016
  2. Last day for withdrawing the nominations:   October 14th 2016
  3. Meet the Candidates October 30th
  4. BOT election: November 5th 2016
  5. General Body Meeting: November 12th 2016 and Election of President/Vice President
  6. Letter from the President informing the community about the date of General body meeting should go out no later than 2 weeks before the meeting.
  7. Timing of the BOT elections: 12 noon until 7 pm. November 2nd
  8. General body meeting to elect President and Vice president, Budget approval, Presidents report.
  9. Results of BOT election should be out by midnight of the day of the election.